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Our Story

When we opened The Prime Smokehouse in Rocky Mount, N.C., in 2013, it was quickly regarded as the cornerstone of the downtown commercial and cultural renaissance. The restaurant established a reputation as the region’s top eatery, winning the award for Best Restaurant in Rocky Mount for six consecutive years.

In spite of the acclaim, we were still frustrated. We can’t tell you how many customers would come in wanting something fast and easy – a real challenge for a place featuring meticulously prepared food synonymous with slow cooking.

That was the inspirational spark for NABS Deli and Coffee Shop, a combination East Coast-style deli and singular coffee shop that can quickly cater to the needs of anyone looking to drop in for breakfast or lunch or to take away a meal made from the freshest ingredients.

NABS stands for “Never a Better Sandwich,” but it easily could stand for “Never a Better Soup” or “Never a Better Salad.” Whatever the abbreviation, NABS is always about fresh, handmade dishes and beverages, including house-roasted single-origin Ethiopian coffee, our proprietary tea blends and pastries straight out of the oven.

Unlike chain restaurants that repackage processed ingredients shipped thousands of miles, NABS Deli and Coffee Shop forgoes the cookie-cutter methods. Our handcrafted East Coast-style deli sandwiches can trace their lineage back to Ed’s days of working as a youngster in his family’s lunch truck business in Philadelphia. NABS’ bakers hand fold perfectly leavened dough, making their croissants extra pillowy. We personally roast our coffee beans every day, serving up a traditional brew rooted in a centuries-old Ethiopian tradition. And we expertly curate and combine teas and spices into my own signature blends informed by years of living in Sri Lanka.

Whether you’re looking for an inviting sit-down breakfast or lunch spot in downtown Rocky Mount; are a coffee or tea lover smitten with authentic, inventive or freshly roasted beverages; or a hurried passer-by needing to quickly grab hot soup or a warm pastry, NABS has you covered.

– Yalem Kiros and Ed Wiley

About the Coffee

Welcome to my house.

Just as we have for many centuries, we Ethiopians perform coffee ceremonies as a part of daily life. After all, Ethiopia is the land that introduced coffee to the world. About 1,200 years ago, a goat herder discovered the berry in the highlands of the Kaffa province.

In Ethiopia, everyone — rich and poor — builds a fire each morning to roast coffee. Those who live alone or can’t afford coffee have an open invitation to a neighbor’s home. Over coffee, we share dreams from the night before and bless the day ahead. We bond with one another and honor family, friends and visitors.

Having grown up in a home where coffee was brewed three times a day, my four sisters and I learned how to perform the coffee ceremony by the time we were eight years old. We saw it as an honor, a source of deep pride, when others praised us for how well we held ceremony.

I knew that when I opened my restaurant, I would share those expressions of culture and those defining experiences with my customers. That is why coffee is an integral part of NABS Deli and Coffee Shop here in Rocky Mount, N.C. While I want you to be able to enjoy a great cup of single-origin Ethiopian coffee, I also want you to taste in each sip the love and sense of community that has always been a part of my daily life.

Whenever you visit my new house — NABS Deli and Coffee Shop —you are joining us for a very personal moment.

Look for upcoming special coffee ceremonies that we will perform from time to time at NABS Deli and Coffee Shop, and bring your friends and family for a cup of my beloved buna.

– Yalem Kiros


Let NABS Deli and Coffee Shop feed your revelers right, whether it’s a tailgater, a holiday gathering, an office soiree or a wedding reception. Our special catering menu offers enticing entrees such as filet mignon, salmon, shrimp scampi and prime rib to go along with our regular menu. We can also provide beer and wine or a full bar for events catered at NABS.

We also offer:

  • Breakfast Sandwiches (on Bagels or Croissants)
  • Box Lunches
  • Assorted Sandwich Trays
  • Potato Salad
  • Cole Slaw
  • Fruit Salad Cups

Also, let us bake for you!

  • Assorted muffins
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Large butter croissants
  • Beautiful fruit tarts
  • Lemon curd Bonnies

Call our catering experts at (252) 210-3735, and let us make your next gathering special.

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